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The Dangerous Effects of Opiate Abuse

Drug abuse is a cankerworm that has eaten deep into the lives of many, and among the most commonly abused drugs are opiates.

Effects of Opiate Abuse

Drug abuse is a cankerworm that has eaten deep into the lives of many, and among the most commonly abused drugs are opiates. Opiates are not only among the most abused drugs, but it is also among those with the most rapidly growing rates of abuse. In 1997 alone, drug treatment centers admitted over 235000 people on the basis of opium abuse. Philadelphia recovery centers and rehabs were not left out too as they also had their fair share of such cases. However, by 2007, this figure had increased to over 246000, and presently, it has skyrocketed to over 700,000 admissions for opiate abuse on a yearly basis.

Opiate abuse, like other commonly abused drugs, is dangerous for users, both in the long-term and short-term. And it is not just on a physical level; it goes beyond that, it destroys the lives of users on a daily basis, and the only way out is to seek help through addiction treatments.

Below are some of the adverse effects of opiate abuse:

  1. Overdose: Of all the dangers of opiate abuse, the most immediate one is overdose. It is common knowledge that excess of anything is bad. But it becomes worse when that excess is related to illicit drug However, in the case of opiates, an overdose usually requires immediate medical attention and the effect can be fatal if not quickly attended to.
  2. Dependence: Opiate abuse usually leads to physical and psychological dependence and causes users to feel incapable of participating in everyday life without taking them. While some might trivialize this, remember that it can lead to overdose, and with the possible outcome of opiate overdose stated above, it is something to be taken very seriously.
  3. Sickness: A continued abuse of opiates can result in the user becoming sick, more often than can be considered normal. It literally weakens the immune system, thereby making the users more vulnerable to all sorts of diseases.
  4. Damage to vital organs: Asides the possibility of weakening the immune system, opiate abuse can also damage vital organs like the liver, thereby necessitating transplants. This is not a condition anybody wants to find themselves because, asides the financial implications, the pain can be very unbearable.

Overall, opiate abuse can pose serious threat and cause severe damage to the users and as such should be combated at all costs.

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