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Time Management in Early Recovery

When an individual first comes into recovery, they find themselves with a great deal of time on their hands.

Time Management in Early Recovery

When an individual first comes into recovery, they find themselves with a great deal of time on their hands. While in active addiction, it is probable that the majority of their day was spent either using or recuperating after a long binge of drug use. When they first get sober, it can feel like a recovering addict has more time than they can handle. Also, when an addict first gets clean, they usually have so much wreckage to clean up due to avoidance of life issues, and poor manageability. After a few months in Philadelphia Recovery Residences, most find hobbies and new activities they enjoy doing on their free time. The issue at hand lies in the discovery of these activities and maintaining sobriety until that crucial point comes.

New Playmates, Playgrounds and Playthings

Many of us at Philadelphia Recovery Residences have heard the old quote, “we need to find avoid new people, places and things.” Although, this is usually steered more towards socializing with others recovery, and going to 12-step meetings, it can and should be applied to other areas of life as well. Recovery has allowed many of us to find new interests. This lies heavily in practicing the principle of open-mindedness. Whether it’s a new job, some new friendships, or even just reading new literature, we have found that we have other interests we were completely unaware of.

Dangers of Idle Time

A person in early recovery often thinks about using multiple times a day. One of the main things that can help minimize those thoughts and prevent them from turning into obsessions, is putting together a schedule or a daily outline of what the day will look like. Holding a job, attending meetings, and making time for meeting people in Philadelphia Sober Living are all crucial to keeping the disease of addiction at bay. Idle time is the devil’s playground, and the disease works in the very same way. We must stay busy in the beginning. A Philadelphia Recovery Residence that requires structure in 12-step recovery, can be of unparalleled value to a person in early sobriety. Surrounding ourselves with others on the same mission as us will challenge us to keep growing through the toughest of seasons. Together, we can recover!

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